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6 Vocal Hygiene Tips You Need To Know!

In order to breathe easily and produce voice with the least amount of effort, one needs to establish a foundation of healthy habits to promote vocal hygiene. At Prismatic Speech Services, both transgender vocal training and rehabilitative voice therapy clients begin with learning the basics of proper vocal hygiene. Oftentimes, underlying vocal hygiene issues can …

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Telepractice: Long-Distance Speech Services

When it comes to seeking specialty services, such as voice therapy, finding a quality provider nearby can be a challenge. When trying to find clinics which have subspecialties like transgender vocal training, it can be near impossible. Most clinicians who specialize in these services tend to cluster around larger cities, where a more reliable stream …

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A stylized depiction of the larynx.

What’s the Buzz? An Introduction to Pitch

Welcome back to our exploration of how people produce voice! Previously, we explored how breathing works and how exhaling provides the fuel for voicing. As discussed in that post, on an exhale, the breath travels up, out of the lungs, up the trachea and through the larynx, which is located in the throat. It is …

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Transgender 101: An introduction

This article is a sampling of definitions which are informed by my experiences and viewpoint. I have spoken to many at length about these subjects to broaden my understanding, and I hope to offer a culturally informed and competent analysis of the terms. That being said, I am not immune to bias and, like everything …

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A watercolor abstraction of the lungs

Relax, Take A Breath: The Basics of Respiration

Good evening! There are so many topics I cannot wait to address! Before we get too deep into complex discussions of speech and hearing sciences, however, we need to establish a common base of knowledge to draw from later on. Therefore, several upcoming posts will address the basics of speech sound production! Speech production is …

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What IS a Speech-Language Pathologist?

The term 'speech-language pathology' is an unwieldy one. When I introduce myself as a speech-language pathologist, very few people in the general public have even heard of the profession. This is hardly their fault; speech-language pathologists use a variety of different titles and job descriptions when referring to themselves. Speech teacher; speech therapist; speech teacher; …

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An Introduction

Hello! My name is Kevin Dorman (they/them/their) and I’m the owner and sole practitioner of Prismatic Speech Services. I am a state licensed speech-language pathologist and a member of both the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). As a practitioner, I specialize in transgender vocal training and rehabilitative …

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