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Speech Therapy & Vocal Training

Speech therapists work with clients whose current speech, language, or voice abilities decrease their quality of life. They combine research-based therapy techniques, clinical expertise, and client preferences to meet each client at their level of ability and target what will aid them most.


Transgender Vocal Training

We help transgender clients repair the relationship with their voice by exploring different aspects of their voice in a safe and vocally hygienic way.

Voice Disorders

We’re trained to treat vocal injuries using the latest technology and techniques.

Pediatric Speech & Language Therapies

Untreated language or articulation delays can result in increased difficulty in school and difficulty socializing. We assess children’s language skills and work with them to build the foundational skills they need to be successful in life.

Advocacy Trainings

Considering the current political climate in North Carolina and nationwide, many business are interested in seeking training to work with LGBT coworkers and customers.

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