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Pricing, Fees & Insurance

Currently, Prismatic Speech Services is purely private pay, meaning we do not take insurance for services; however, this does not mean that clients cannot receive compensation from their insurance companies after services have been rendered. Clients are welcome to receive copies of needed therapy data and submit them to their insurance companies for reimbursement.

Seeking Reimbursement From Your Insurance Company

If you are interested in seeing if your insurance covers your needs, contact your insurance company and ask them if they cover the assessment (CPT Code 92506) and treatment (ICD-10 Codes R49-R49.9) of resonance and voice disorders offered by an out-of-network provider (as well as if they cover telepractice services if you want to be seen remotely); if they do, ask them what they require from you and your provider to obtain coverage.

Costs & Fees

30-minute Consultation Free! Free

This service is available for individuals who aren't certain if they are ready to commit to an assessment by Prismatic Speech Services. During this time, our clinician will address whatever questions you may have, as well as give a general overview of the assessment and treatment processes. For transgender clients who are interested, this may incorporate advice into how to effectively explore one's gender identity.

Assessment 45-60 minutes $75

An assessment involves an examination of the potential client's relevant history as well as their current abilities. This is an extensive process, as we want to feel confident that we have taken all factors into consideration when developing a plan for treatment. Once the assessment is concluded, our clinician will take the data and develop a plan for our client's time with Prismatic Speech Services, then contact the client and schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss results. The client and clinician will meet, discuss whether treatment is indicated at this time, discuss the developed plan, make any adjustments necessary, then have both parties sign that they agree to follow the plan.

Standard Session 45 minutes $75/Session

Weekly sessions are typical; fortnightly sessions (every other week) are also available for clients if it is more financially viable. Treatment will be comprised of skilled intervention techniques selected to achieve your therapy goals. Said techniques may be adapted or modified depending on the individual needs of the client. The total number of sessions is dependent on many factors.