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Roadmap of Treatment

Free Consultation

If you aren't sure if working with Prismatic Speech Services will be right for you, we suggest you request a free consultation. If you're already confident in working with us, you can request a full assessment on our booking page. After receiving your assessment or consultation request, we will contact you to schedule your appointment at a mutually agreed upon time and date. Appointments are available online via telepractice or in-person at Prismatic Speech Services' office in Greensboro, North Carolina.

If you have other questions, read through our Commonly Asked Questions or Contact Us.

Scheduling an Assessment

You may schedule an assessment on our Request an Appointment page, which will require you to fill out the intake form and pay the initial deposit. We will contact you if we have any questions before your assessment; you are also free to contact us before or during intake procedures.

What Happens During an Assessment?

An assessment will be used to clinically review your communication strengths and needs with a combination of standardized assessments and more dynamic methods*, which differ depending on the service requested. This enables us to establish a clients' abilities before intervention begins, so we can measure how successful our chosen intervention method has been. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about the assessment or treatment process at any time.

Once the initial assessment appointment is completed, we analyze your data and develop a treatment plan. We then schedule a free follow-up appointment to discuss the assessment's findings, what our recommended treatment plan is, the cost and any questions or concerns you may have. You always have the option of agreeing to enroll or saying you would prefer not to at this time.

* Standardized assessments are tools used to appraise and compare one's skills to national averages for demographically similar people to determine how one's health and performance compare with one's peers. Dynamic methods are used to evaluate aspects of communication which cannot be as easily compared to national averages.


How sessions look will vary greatly from client to client; however, there are overarching principles which apply to all clients. When you are seen at Prismatic Speech Services, our clinician will work with you to target the goals identified during the assessment phase of treatment. Your response to the intervention techniques used will be closely monitored. Once a client has met their goals, the clinician will schedule the last regular session to discuss discharge.

If the chosen strategy does not appear to be positively impacting a client, the clinician may change their approach and apply other methods to determine the best way to work with your individual learning style. If the clinician has attempted every applicable intervention method and treatment continues to be ineffective, discharge from therapy may be considered. Discharge due to halted progress is very uncommon.


Once our work together has concluded, we will have one more session where we review your progress over the span of your time at Prismatic Speech Services. You will be given a copy of any post-treatment instructions, if applicable.

You'll have the option to accept or decline a free follow-up appointment, which you can redeem at any point in the future in case any new voicing difficulties emerge.