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Voice Disorders & Treatment

Prismatic Speech Services aids clients in implementing a personalized regimen to treat vocal injuries using the healing properties of easy, full resonant voice and proper vocal hygiene.

This therapy is used to treat a variety of voice disorders, including muscle tension dysphonia and vocal cord injuries such as nodules, polyps, ulcers or atrophy. Its emphasis on vocal hygiene and proper voice technique can also prevent the development of vocal cord injuries in people who use their voice rigorously due to job requirements or personal life.

How can Prismatic Speech Services help me?

By taking a full case history, acoustic measurements of your vocal abilities, and, if applicable, consultation with a local otolaryngologist, Prismatic Speech Services can identify the origin of your current vocal discomfort.

Should I Schedule a Voice Consultation?

If your voice or vocal quality is interfering with your ability to enjoy activities of daily life or voice your opinion, you are strongly encouraged to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your specific case. If you are still unsure, the following comparison should inform your decision-making process.

Common Factors in Developing a Voice Disorder

-Extended daily use of one's voice due to habit or job requirements
-Extended or harsh usage of one's voice over a short period of time
-Suboptimal vocal hygiene.
-Recent trauma to the throat, surgery, an upper respiratory infection or similar illness that has decreased one's vocal ability beyond typical recovery.
-A history of smoke inhalation

Common Symptoms of a Voice Disorder

-A sudden change in vocal quality, such as unusual pitch, breath support, or low stamina when speaking
-A raspy, harsh or hoarse voice quality
-Tension or pain in the throat, nose or mouth while speaking
-Repetitive throat clearing
-Reduced singing range

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Pricing Table

Initial Consultation FREE Free

During a consultation, you will meet with a Prismatic Speech Services speech-language pathologist, and discuss what we can do for you. Discussion may include the basics of your current vocal condition and voice history, vocal hygiene habits, and what Prismatic Speech Services has to offer you.

Voice Assessment $100

A voice assessment is a thorough examination of all factors that make up your voice. We discuss your medical history, social/occupational history, and take acoustic measurements of your voice to test its current ability. Assessment may include referral to an otolaryngologist before being seen at Prismatic Speech Services, depending on individual's responses in the intake paperwork.

Voice Disorder Treatment Session $75

Standard treatment sessions will comprise of 45 minute sessions, once or twice a week depending on the client's plan of care. Treatment will be comprised of skilled intervention techniques selected to achieve your therapy goals. Said techniques may be adapted or modified depending on the individual needs of the client.