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Transgender Vocal Training

Being comfortable using one’s voice is essential for effective verbal communication. For many transgender people, however, their voice can be the source of great anxiety, depression, and dysphoria. This can result in avoiding social situations, or not voicing valuable opinions at their jobs. Kevin uses skills developed as a speech-language pathologist, voice actor and stage actor to help transgender clients repair the relationship with their voice by exploring different aspects of their voice in a safe and vocally hygienic way.

Combining assessment data and client input, a unique training plan is developed which can target pitch, resonance, articulation, intonation, language, and body language. Training is non-binary inclusive and culturally competent.

Trans vocal training will look very different from client to client, based on a variety of factors, including: vocal hygiene; professional voice experience; vocal parameters; stage in transition; and most importantly, what you want! Trans vocal training is highly personal as we navigate stereotypes regarding gender to find what vocal patterns and behaviors empower YOU. One person may feel very good working on nonverbal communicators such as body language and proximity to others when speaking; another may not want any of that, and want to focus only on voice. Both clients are valid, and at Prismatic Speech Services, the needs and feedback of the client are highly valued.

Depending on what the client desires and assessment data, trans vocal training can target: vocal hygiene; pitch; resonance; intonation; articulation; language; and nonverbal behaviors. During the assessment, we discuss your goals, and what you would like to target during our work together. During our follow-up meeting, we will discuss the goals I have developed and discuss further adjustments if necessary.

Where you are in your transition should not prevent you from seeking services you think will improve your quality of life. Clients from all stages of transition, including not transitioning, seek trans vocal training. If you are very on in delineating your identity,

Absolutely! People of all genders are welcome to take trans vocal training.

Initial Consultation Free


During a consultation, you will meet with a Prismatic Speech Services speech-language pathologist, and discuss what we can do for you. Discussion may include the basics of your current vocal condition and voice history, vocal hygiene habits, and what Prismatic Speech Services has to offer you. Depending on client interest, the consultation may also include advice on how to explore one’s gender identity in a productive way.

Voice Assessment

A voice assessment is a thorough examination of all factors that make up your voice. We discuss your medical history, social/occupational history, and take acoustic measurements of your voice to test its current ability. Assessment may include referral to an otolaryngologist before being seen at Prismatic Speech Services, depending on individual’s responses to the intake paperwork. Assessments are scheduled for an hour block of time.

Trans Vocal Training Session

Standard sessions will comprise of 45 minute sessions, once or twice a week depending on the client’s plan of care. Treatment will be comprised of skilled intervention techniques selected to achieve your therapy goals. Said techniques may be adapted or modified depending on the individual needs of the client. Trans vocal training sessions often incorporate counseling elements as well.