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A watercolor abstraction of the lungs

Relax, Take A Breath: The Basics of Respiration

Good evening! There are so many topics I cannot wait to address! Before we get too deep into complex discussions of speech and hearing sciences, however, we need to establish a common base of knowledge to draw from later on. Therefore, several upcoming posts will address the basics of speech sound production! Speech production is …

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Recap: The Voice Foundation 2017 Symposium

06/12/17 UPDATE:I was able to gain the perspective of one of the presenters in the afternoon. With their permission, I will share a section of their statement: "...I completely agree that we missed a really important moment there and I'm sorry. I will confess, before the opening day I was feeling confident about our workshop …

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What IS a Speech-Language Pathologist?

The term 'speech-language pathology' is an unwieldy one. When I introduce myself as a speech-language pathologist, very few people in the general public have even heard of the profession. This is hardly their fault; speech-language pathologists use a variety of different titles and job descriptions when referring to themselves. Speech teacher; speech therapist; speech teacher; …

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An Introduction

Hello! My name is Kevin Dorman (they/them/their) and I’m the owner and sole practitioner of Prismatic Speech Services. I am a state licensed speech-language pathologist and a member of both the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). As a practitioner, I specialize in transgender vocal training and rehabilitative …

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